How to Take Care of your Instruments


Music instruments are expensive. They repair proper handling and special maintenance practices so that they can last for a long period. Whether you own a guitar or an electric harp, you must keep maintaining the cord from time to time to keep it in a good state.

If you are a music lover who happens to own a piano, you are in the right place, because you are about to learn important tips on how to take care of your piano. Check out and keep reading on the guide below and make sure you practice every tip as explained to ensure that your piano has a longer life.

Mind about the environment

Boy Being a delicate instrument, ensure that you evaluate the indoor climate and the level of environmental humidity. Climate can affect the frequency of maintenance of your piano and the work of your new and high priced instrument. Most parts of the piano are made from a fine wood material that is very rare. The temperature and other elements of weather can affect the pin-blocks, hammers, soundboards and outer casing.

Make sure you do not place your piano in a room with high temperatures without a regulator. If the region is associated with high temperatures, ensure you put a fan beside you instrument to maintain the temperatures. In a place where humidity is high, make sure you cover your piano when you are not using it. Also, clean your piano daily if the environment is associated with dust.

Indoor maintenance

You might be wondering how a maintenance of a piano placed in a room can be affected. But ensure that you buy from a reputed dealer so that you can consult about its maintenance from time to time. An experienced resource will advise you on the ideal piano placement for proper acoustical resonance, and how to minimize dangers.

Do not place your piano near your fireplace because the heat will dry the wood and even cause cracks. The cracks will affect the tuning stability of the keys, and it will start to sound awful. Make sure you do not place your piano towards direct sunlight or in an open patio door.

Regular servicing

For your piano to perform well, you must have a qualified technician servicing it regularly. During the first ten months of the purchase time, ensure that the piano is tunes three times. This helps the piano to acclimatize with the residential environment. After that, make sure it tunes at least once in a year.

Ensure that you hire a reputed piano technician to tune it to about A-440 cps, or at a standard pitch. The sound and tone can be enhanced by adjusting the hammers and the strings. Tuning is done while pressing the keys.

Case cleaning

piano instrumentRegular cleaning of the piano and its casing helps in the long-term well-being of your valued asset. Do not assume that room is clean, make sure you dust out the key gently polishing. When someone is playing, they might sweat and leave their fingerprints on the keys. Make sure you use damp chamois to remove them.

Some veneers have manufacturers specifications. Therefore, do not apply a lot of pressure or rub the satin with pressure. Never clean your piano casing using neither warm nor cold water. Also, placing food or drinks on the piano is not recommended. If you have a problem with cleaning, kindly ask an experienced piano consultant to help you through the cleaning process.