Home Theater Systems: Bringing Theaters To Your Living Room


The wireless home theater entertainment unit comprises of several wireless surround speakers connected to a networked system. Other components need to be connected before it is complete. Briefly explored are some of the wireless components, which are combined to make up the home theater systems.


Wireless Speakers

The most visible component is the wireless surround sound speakers. However, do not be fooled by the term wireless. For the speakers to function, they require two types of signals. The first signal is that which enables it to access the movie soundtrack or music playlist. This signal is transmitted through electromagnetic pulses. Secondly, your speaker needs to be physically connected to an amplifier, which produced sound. This can be battery powered or through an AC power outlet. Therefore, in the actual sense, your speaker is connected through power sources. Depending on the model, some amplifiers are built into their speaker housing. In other setups, they are physically attached with wires to an external amplifier powered by AC power.

In a nutshell, long wires that connect the signal source to receivers are absent, but you still need to connect the wireless speakers to their power supply. Only then can they produce sound. At the moment, wireless speaker technology is employed in some all-in-one-theater-box-systems among others.


Speaker systems that are fully wireless are best suited for home theater applications. One wireless solution for the home theater is a subwoofer. Most sub-woofers power themselves directly via the AC power, and can be located far from the receiver. Despite the distance, they can still capture the audio signal.

Today, subwoofers are exceedingly popular, particularly on sound bar systems. The wireless subwoofer arrangement removes the need for long cables but allows additional room for your subwoofer.


WEWQEQWEBluetooth technology has helped most consumers connect their portable devices such as headsets. When Bluetooth wireless connectivity was incorporated into home entertainment, it became an instant hit. A perfect example is the wireless subwoofers that mainly operate via Bluetooth. Additionally, most home theater systems today have inbuilt Bluetooth that enable consumers to access video or audio content wirelessly from their digital audio players, phones or PCs.


Another wireless technology that has become popular in the home is the based on Wi-Fi. It enables anyone to use his or her laptop anywhere inside or outside the house. You do not have to use an Ethernet phone cord. A wireless transmitter/receiver is built into devices such as laptops that communicate with central routers. The connections can be wired, wireless or both.


The wireless home theater systems deliver prime time home entertainment. In addition to that, these speakers have revolutionized the indoor sound experience. It has been likened to bringing the theater right in your living room. At the moment there is one universal platform that is the foundation for all product brands.