All about e-sports and how to get the best


Over the years, people have competed against each other for gold and glory in various sports. Ancient men went toe to toe with each other in competitive and professional wrestling matches. The sporting world has also grown with time, from the introduction of new ones’ sports and development of ones that have been in existence.

So, what is e-sports?

E-sports stands for electronic sports, whereby professional gamers aided with electronic syslsdkvnlsdvlkalsvnksaldkvlasnvnklsadvlksadvasdtems (gaming consoles, computers) challenge each other in multiplayer video game competitions. Most of the competitions are played in arenas or stadiums front of a live audience or streamed on tv channels, with the gamers competing for prize money. Game types mostly played are real time strategy, online battle arenas, fighting and first-person shooter.

Where to get the best eSports

You may be interested in e-sports but wondering how you will find your way, to get the best ones. Well, worry no more, because here is a guide on getting the pick of the bunch in e-sports.

eSports Websites

Well, e-sports involves multiple games occurring at different locations maybe concurrently or at different times. Sports networks and televisions, e.g., ESPN, GosuGamers, just but to name a few have taken up the task of providing intricate details on e-sports on dedicated e-sports sites like Esportsranks that cover computer games, now that they are formally recognized as sports. Going through some a first timer in the e-sports world will surely get a lot of information on the ongoing e-sports events.

eSports Streaming Channels

There are various tv channels that air e-sports events. Apart from tv channels there are sites that stream e-sport content, pick of them is Twitch. Twitch boasts of 1.5 million unique broadcasters and around 11 million viewers per month. Point to not is that not all content is e-sport but it does broadcast tournaments and also pro-gamers do stream on regular. Other sites that offer such services are the famous YouTube and dedicated stage Azubu.

Games’ Websites

Getting information from the horse’s mouth can also be a wise idea. Most games do announce their e-sport events on their personal websites. Dates and venues for the competitions are announced in advanced. Also, platforms where the games can be streamed from are given. Visiting your favorite games websites, you will not miss any e-sport events taking place, also more information on the previous e-sports events can be found.

Gaming Forums

sdlkvndsakvklasnvlknasdkvnlksandvlksnadlkvnsadvsThe internet boasts of thousands of forums where anonymous people meet and talk about various topics. With the growth of e-sports gaming forums have also been started whereby gamers discuss about their favorite games and also share info on the ongoing activities in the e-sports world. Be sure to check out some of them as they are a real eye opener on the activities taking place in the e-sports realm.

Even though you might not be an enthusiastic gamer, e-sports can be fun to watch if you take keen interest in a particular game, team or event.