Categories of video games to play


Playing video games is not only a way of having fun and providing excitement for everyone, but there are also a couple of advantages and benefits that come along with that. With advanced technology and the popularity of gaming, the gaming industry has grown and advanced rapidly over the years. When it comes to the categorization of video games, they are divided into the categories mentioned below:

Adventure and role-playing

These category of games are not very graphic like action games, and they can tagfcfgcfgvghvhke the player into fantasy and surrealism. Even though adventure and role-playing games usually have some violence, it is not as intense as the violence experienced in action games. Some examples of this games include final fantasy, Billy Hatcher, Legend of Mana and many more.


These category of video games are fast paced, and they may have a substantial amount of violence due to this. These games are usually not appropriate for kids. Action games fall under the category of “M” which stands for mature-rated. They include games like Jedi Knight, Halo, Star Wars and so much more.

Find person shooters

As the name suggests, this is a game in which the player views the action through the eyes of the character he is playing, and it involves the utilization of pistols or rifles to eliminate the enemy. Because of the violence involved in this category of games, they are not recommended for young children. Examples of these games are Call of Duty, Half-Life 1 and two and so on.


In this category of video games, the focus is on strategy rather than on violence. Strategy games are slower so as to provide the player with time for strategic thinking planning for victory and resource management. Most of them are warfare based, and so violence is not entirely absent. These games are not recommended for kids. Examples of these games are Civilization 5, advanced wars, crusader kings 2 and so much more.


This category of video games comprises of jumping between suspended platforms of various obstacles or heights and at times both of them to continue with the game. Examples of these games are action 52, Abuse, Adventure Island, 40 Winks and so much more.


fcfgvghvghbgjbThese video games are the kind that simulate real world situations in a game setting. Under this category. The three popularly known games are flight simulators, racing simulators, and Sims. There are numerous games in this category to entertain kids. Some examples of these games are farming simulator, football manager, evil genius and so forth.